Robot navigation
CT system

Integrated Planning, Navigation and
Targeting for Interventional treatment

Empower CT guided
micro-traumatic intervention treatment

With the advent of the era of precision medicine, the concept of cancer treatment is changing, and cancer treatment tends to be minimally invasive, efficient and individualized. Micro-traumatic intervention has become a new direction of cancer treatment, its clinical applications are increasingly extensive and constantly standardized and developed, thus bringing the possibility of cure and the hope of life extension to more cancer patients. However, since puncture operation largely depends on operators' experience and ability, operators often face various risks and problems, which ultimately affect the homogenization of the results of diagnosis and treatment, restrict the popularization of this emerging technology, and make the development of this diagnosis and treatment method extremely unbalanced in different regions.

SinoVision comprehensive tumor solutions
Open a breakthroungh of tumor intervention

SinoVision and its international partners deeply explore the potential of CT core technology, draw lessons from advanced designs in biomimetics, industrial precision control and other fields, and develop and integrate the robot intelligent navigation CT system, which has become the only comprehensive super-high-end solution for tumor screening, puncture procedure and ablation decision-making in China.

Core machinery part of navigation robot

The core machinery part of the minimally invasive intelligent navigation robot is a five-axis linkage mechanical arm that uses the adaptive control system. The adaptive control system designed on the principle of guaranteeing the global stability of the system is mainly composed of reference model, adjustable system and adaptive mechanism, which can be constantly adjusted with the change of the motion characteristics of the mechanical arm and the environment, thus the ultra-precision control level of 0.01 mm motion accuracy and 0.01° rotation accuracy is maintained in real time.

Innovation tumor micro-traumatic intervention solution

The navigation robot can achieve multi-dimensional tumor precise localization, multi-needle and multi-target overlapping and optimized needle planning, warning of forbidden zone in needle entry path, quantitative evaluation of tumor efficacy and other excellent autonomous functions, assist doctors in decision-making, monitor the killing of tumors, improve the therapeutic effect and redefine the new mode of intelligent decision-making orbit precise navigation.

Planning accurately, puncture precisely, ablation completely

The robot intelligent navigation CT system can truly achieve accurate guidance of puncture operation and quantitatively evaluate the ablation efficacy, thus fundamentally solving the risks and challenges faced by traditional "blind puncture", improving medical process, ensuring medical safety and improving medical quality.
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