64-slice CT

Insitum 64

Multiple cutting-edge and high-end
technologies are integrated to bring
unprecedented clinical experience to
customers with ultra high efficiency.

High-end hardware platform

Insitum 64 integrates SinoVision's most advanced hardware technology platforms and brings high-end clinical applications to customers while reducing the operating cost.
  • 8 MHU
    Large-capacity metal x-ray tube
  • 76 cm
    Large aperture design
  • 80 kW
    High-power generator

Smart coronary imaging platform

SinoVision's unique intelligent gating control system and coronary artery revascularization algorithm ensure the instantaneous freezing of the heart and display cardiovascular structure, stent, calcification, plaque and other information in high definition.
? Real-time coronary artery freezing imaging
? Gating control based real-time modulation
? Gating control modulation system
? ECG editing
? Auto Phase capture
? Breathing wave data display
? Integrated gating control system
? Intelligent analysis platform

Advanced coronary analysis

Detect stenosis degree and plaque composition of coronary artery, assist in post-operative examination of bypass and stent
  • Full-automatic segmentation
  • Full-automatic extraction
  • Auto-naming of blood vessels
  • Analysis of coronary artery stenosis
  • Multiple Interactive tools
  • AI coronary artery extraction and measurement

Advanced vessel analysis

Vasculopathy in various parts of the body can be analyzed to effectively assess the degree of vascular stenosis and the characteristics of soft and hard plaque and provide diagnostic basis for atherosclerosis, aortic aneurysm, dissection and other symptoms
  • Automated vascular segmentation
  • Automatic centerline extraction
  • Automatic contour extraction
  • Stenosis analysis
  • Plaque assessment
  • Fast processing speed

0.39-second high-speed scanning driving platform

Excellent clinical images, comprehensive clinical applications

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