Full function
64-slice CT

Insitum 64S

High end imaging technology is fully adopted
to provide customers full-function 64-slice
CT with a super-high cost performance.

64-thin slice HD engine

Thin slice, Fast scan, High Definition

64-channel data acquisition and 64-image reconstruction drive accurate images

Low-dose platform

Advanced low-dose technology can greatly reduce radiation dose while maintaining high-quality image.

MAC( Motion Artifact Correction )

The optimized reconstruction algorithm is used to greatly improve the image resolution and display the minor details in high definition.
  • Before correction
  • After correction

Iterative reconstruction algorithm
iDream: iterative Dose
REduction AlgorithM

The attenuation of X-photons in the path of passing through the human body to the detector is taken into full consideration and the data noise is modeled directly.

Tensor model is introduced in the iteration loop to reduce the internal noise of the images and improve the delicacy and smoothness on the image border.

Preference is given to the constraint conditions of the system and the repeated iterative operation converges on the optimal solution.

When greatly reducing the radiation dose, the image quality is improved.

iDream Image quality improvement -- iterative algorithm

  • iDream Off
  • iDream On

Megapixel platform

The 1024×1024 ultra large reconstruction matrix brings four times the image resolution capability of conventional CT. It can display the details of lesion more fully and improve the confidence of diagnosis.

High reliability, long life span design

The life simulation experiment of moving parts in hospital for 10 years was carried out, such as frame rotation, collimation shedding motion, key pressing, patient bed movement, etc. to ensure the high stability operation of the equipment in hospital.

Excellent clinical images, comprehensive clinical applications

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