About us

R&D Innovation

Computed tomography imaging system is a highly interdisciplinary equipment that involves multiple cutting-edge technologies, such as precision structure design, real-time control system, high-speed data acquisition, high-speed parallel computing, etc. SinoVision has set up a R&D team composed of industrial elites with rich experience in CT system, physical algorithm, mechanical engineering, electronics and software design and dedicated to high-reliability and high-quality product design.

Reliability design

Based on the highest reliability standard in the industry, the reliability model of Weibull distribution is comprehensively applied in product design to carry out full calculation and confirmation experiment on the reliability of various subsystems and parts, thus fundamentally meeting the requirements of product reliability in design. Each product series will complete accelerated aging tests involving temperature, humidity, vibration and full life cycle, which ensures the unity between theoretical calculation and practical results.

Systematic architecture design and physical algorithm

The product is based on the architecture design of the most advanced generation of CT systems. The DFS technology can double the sampling frequency and ensure the accuracy of data acquisition. The three-dimensional dose modulation technology, large matrix high resolution reconstruction and iDream iterative image reconstruction technology ensure the optimal clinical image quality at low dose. The heterogeneous computing model is adopted and the assembly line operation design is combined to fully integrate the computing advantages of GPU and CPU, thereby providing a high-performance strong guarantee for image reconstruction and image processing.

System software design

Being user-centered, SinoVision software system design meets the requirement of useers to the greatest extent in clinical institutions at all levels. The one-key positioning, guided scanning operation settings, one-key tissue extraction, flexible film layout and rich post-processing image function not only provide simple and easy interaction for grass-root users, but also provide a variety of high-efficiency clinical analysis tools for experienced radiologists, thus achieving accurate and efficient diagnosis of diseases. The software system fully satisfies to the international standards such as IHE and DICOM 3.0, and provides comprehensive compatibility for the equipment to integrate into modern hospital network environment.

Detector and electronic system

Based on high-efficiency rare earth ceramic scintillation crystals, highly integrated photodiodes and high-speed low-dissipation ASIC technology, the detectors of SinoVision are designed to ensure high efficiency, isotropy and low electronic noise. The real-time control electronic system adopts multi-processor parallel processing, large-scale FPGA, high-speed field bus, redundancy design and other technologies, thus achieving high-speed stability of the system on the basis of ensuring security.

Mechanical motion and precision?machinery

Equipped with the most advanced mechanical design platform and processing platform, SinoVision's mechanical design fundamentally adheres to strict system specifications from various aspects including 4D modeling, motion simulation analysis, finite element analysis of strength and fatigue tolerance, thermal model establishment and analysis, simulation analysis of electromagnetic compatibility, and ensures the precision and reliability of detectors, collimator system, radioactive source and other precision parts under the high-speed and stable rotation of the frame.

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